Hello Tween World!

Who is a tween and why should I care?

Oxford English Dictionary defines a tween as a “person who is nearly, or has only just become, a teenager. While the age to which tween applies varies, it is nearly always within the range of eight to fourteen years old.”

Tween Scene Talk defines a tween as someone who is between the ages of 8 and 12 years old while a tweenager is between the ages of 10 to 12 years old or under 13.  Tweens tend to be going through what Tween Scene Talk calls an “awkward stage of pre-puberty and puberty where they’re just beginning to form stronger social bonds with their peers and desiring more independence from their families.”

Typically, a tween is in the late elementary school and middle school years, somewhere between grades 4-7.  Beyond early-aged chapter books but perhaps not ready for some Young Adult content, tween literature is growing to meet their unique developmental and social needs. Of course, books suitable for tweens did not just appear over night.  I did not wake up one morning to enter my local library and find a whole new department dedicated to tweens, tucked between the Children’s and Young Adult sections. Rather, tween literature can usually be found sprinkled between different areas, crossing over these typically separated sections of the library.

If you are a tween or interact with tweens on a daily basis, be it a parent, teacher, librarian or mentor,  understanding the recent research about this age group is extremely useful when selecting appropriate literature and reading resources.  I believe one of the best resources out there is current, up-to-date librarian and teacher websites, including official library or media sites, blogs, twitter pages and review sites. Public and school library websites around the world, for example, are expanding their pixels so to speak to include ‘tween zone’ sections that are dedicated to promoting resources specifically for this age group. Even if you are not a member of that library, most of these sites provide free book reviews, lists and/or blog type discussions. Please visit the Tween Shareville tab for Tween resources and add your own sites!

So, you might be asking yourself, “if there are so many resources already out there, why yet another blog, let alone a WordPress blog?”

GOOD TWEEN READS aims to link together resources scattered throughout the web, providing free access to current reviews & book lists as well as serving as a gathering point for tweens,  tween librarians, teachers, parents, mentors and more.  Please grab your favorite tween read, start blogging and gather round the Good Tween Reads fire. Welcome!

Good Tween Reads
Brought to You By An Aspiring Tween Librarian

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