NaNoWriMo for Tweens

I starting writing short stories when I was in second grade. They were typically a variation of Thundercats or involved puppies & cupcakes in some shape or form. Enter my tween years and I was writing about everything from Star Trek to poetry, with some of my poems published during my high school and college years. Many tweens love to write or want to learn how to improve their creative writing skills. This month is NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. A part of this national program is the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program. I wish they had this when I was kid!

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program has workbooks for elementary, middle school and high school students that can be downloaded right from the website or purchased if desired. They also have a great listing of writing websites for kids & teens, many of which I will steal & repeat below.

Some of my favorite tween writing sites & contests include:

Please feel free to share your own Tween or Young Teen writing sites via commenting on the blog post.

Also, while not tween exclusive, two sites you should be aware of are FanFiction and FictionPress, sites that allow users to upload stories and share with the world their creative voice instantly. Both of these sites, however, contain materials for both children and adult audiences. While stories are given ratings, from general to mature audiences, filtering through these ratings can be difficult. There are Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, Alex Rider and Pokemon fanfictions just as much as there are Wrestling and Sookie Stackhouse mimicries.

Just as a general disclaimer, always be sure to read the fine print on any writing website.  Some sites restrict the age of users who can create log ins and thus may not be suitable for tweens.

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