Tween authors

Obert Skye, Suzanne Collins, Brian Selznick,  Shannon Hale, Scott Westerfeld, Libba Bray, Tamora Pierce, Laurie Halse Anderson, Rick Riordan, Carl Hiaasen,Cassandra Clare, Gary Paulsen, Cornelia Funke…

These are just some of the hot tween and teen authors that have been buzzing about lately. Once a tween has devoured the Percy Jackson series, then what next? Read-a-like lists are a wonderful resource when you have a reader who knows what he or she likes, and even more important, why they like it. I found a useful library website that links to some of these authors with read-a-like lists at the Boca raton Public Library.

Having read-a-like lists handy is a great tool not just for recommending books but also to find out who might be a new and upcoming tween author to keep on your radar. I read Suzanne Collin’s Gregor, the Overlander series before the Hunger Games came out. The Gregor books is a really great tween series, and after reading this series by Collins, I knew that more great works were to come from this author. So when the Hunger Games came out, I was one of the first to read it, before the really big buzz hit.

Some of these authors are what I would call cross-overs. They write Children’s, Young Adult and even Adult books. Just because an author wrote one great tween book doesn’t mean the rest are suited to that age group though. I recently hosted a tween event at our local library (an enchanted medieval ball!) and several of the 9 year old girls were discussing the Hunger Games.  Now, most reviews recommend the Hunger Games for ages 12 and up, so for the older tweens just becoming teens. Thus I was a little surprised to learn that these 9 year old girls were not only reading the Hunger Games but were well versed in the entire series and the movie soon to come out (rated PG-13 I believe).  The same phenomena occurred when Twilight first came out.  Many young tweens were reading this more mature YA series (rated 14 and up on Amazon). I strongly believe that parents and the tweens themselves should decide what’s best for them, as both reading level and maturity of the individual play a pivotal role in selecting appropriate reading materials.

What other tween authors are you hearing about? Any upcoming author making big waves in your area? Share here!


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