On My Nightstand

I currently have over a dozen tween books sitting neatly on my nightstand (or rather, in an uneven stack tilting awkwardly toward my fat, black cat Ares). These are just a handful of books that I am hoping to read this Winter. I tend to check out more than I have time to read, but in my philosophy, it’s better to have more than not have enough to read!

A majority of these reading choices come from award winning lists, recommended reads from my librarian friends, or are just some current popular choices amongst the tweens at my library. I am especially excited to Liesl & Po and Breadcrumbs. Most of these books are fantasy and adventure, with a few realistic and nonfiction mixed in. What’s on your nightstand? Any good tween ‘must-read’ books?


4 thoughts on “On My Nightstand

  1. The Cheshire Cheese Cat is in my to-read stack too, along with The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, the young adult book Cinder, and a bunch of non-fiction books about gardening, sewing, spirituality, and vegetarian cooking. I always have too many books checked out!

    • I know what you mean about having too many books out, Emily! I just checked out Cinder to add to my list and had forgotten about a few other books I bought back in December at the buy-1-get-1 sale at the library. If you finish Cheshire Cheese Cat before I get to it, let me know what you think. It looks interesting!

    • That’s great, Tracey! The first few chapters I wasn’t pulled into it quite yet, which doesn’t mean the book isn’t good, I just have an awful attention span and need a wizard or a warlock or something to cause some havoc right off the bat. ;-D

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