ARC Reviews!

I recently attended the Public Library Association (PLA) Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Librarians from across the country gathered to learn about trends in public libraries, from new technologies to upcoming publishers & authors that libraries should look out for. I was lucky enough to receive over a dozen Advanced Reader’s Copies (ARC) books geared toward tweens, teens and adults that I plan to read and review for the blog site, focusing on the tween & teen books that tweens would enjoy as well.

First up is an early tween reader book that older tweens may enjoy as well:
There’s a Rat in My Soup
By Chana Stiefel
Enslow Publishers, Inc.

There’s a Rat in My Soup (Medieval Food)

by Chana Stiefel

Let’s transport you back to the Middle Ages where you will learn what both kings and peasants ate on a daily basis. From gross to weird, this book describes the food habits of the people dwelling in Europe in the medieval ages, up the year 1500. Colorful images enhance the book and add a bit of humor to an otherwise morbid book at times. By morbid, I mean that the truth comes out in this book, telling tales of gruesome cookery and awful jokes that some medieval cooks truly did play on unsuspecting guests.

Not for the weak of stomachs, especially the part about freaky feasts, There’s A Rat in My Soup is a wonderful read for children interested in the middle ages or like to learn about weird, gruesome and yucky things in general. I would recommend this book for grades 2-5, although older children grades 6-8 will also enjoy the information and ‘gross’ factor that this book projects.


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